Kim Cooper Interviews for AH’s Upcoming Article!


Kim Cooper—one of LA’s greatest historians and preservationists, finished interviewing with Archive Humanitas for an upcoming article. Jeffrey Lucas II announced today that he’s working on presenting ideas related to: “Art Deco Architecture and it’s role in the hermeneutic underpinning of Los Angeles Noir: what role, and to what degree, do these historico-architectural sites, e.g., the Bradbury, or the Oviatt, and so-on, play in constituting such unique, aesthetic iconography? In what ways might they ground our very sense of LA style, despite the city’s heterogenous designs, myriad incompatible motifs, and vastly diverse peoples, churches, and monuments? How essential is a building, e.g., Union Station, to this collective-thematic sense many of us have come to indistinctly perceive from the very geography and infrastructure —those mad-love-monochrome spectacles that reduce our experience of the metropolis in 1940s celluloid?” (From AH Headquarters; an unknown location somewhere in Los Angeles California.) Subscribe now!


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