“Say ‘Yes!’ to the Demon: amor fati in the eternal hourglass” 

Originally published in the “Agonist,” New York. The Nietzsche Circle. Vol. XI. ISSUE II. Spring 2018. 

This work argues for a new perspective on the Eternal Recurrence that involves both theoretical as well as autobiographical arguments in support of the parable, first conceived in an afternoon in the Swiss Alps. While extending Nehamas’ Proustian reading of the notion, Lucas also takes issue with Heidegger as well as Deleuze in their interpretation of the of ER; specifically, the issue of Nietzsche’s Late Notebooks as well as the publication of “The Will to Power” is made a topic of contention. Ultimately, what may be called for is a reinterpretation of the canon, outright! 

“Speech Acts; Emergent Issues in Wide Scope” 

Lucas studied with John R. Searle at UC Berkeley from 2009-11, where he primarily focussed on the issue of Reference, Proper Names, Indexicality, and Declaratives (given (their dual ‘direction of fit’ i.e., biconditionality) the role they play in establishing ‘status functions’ and ‘deontological powers’), Philosophy of Society, and Mind. Cf., J.L. Austin, Russell, Wittgenstein, Strawson, Grice, Donnellon, Kripke, Putnam. 

This essay plays on the boundary of formalism, as Lucas attempts to employ traditional Oxford techniques in an effort to capture the scope of our illocutionary acts; however, as dialogue begins to develop and meanings become more and more dependent upon antecedent locutions–“language” seems to evade the parameters of analytic taxonomy. Even the traditional nomenclature from linguistics seems to fall short of de-limiting any semantic parameters of utterance. As a result Lucas achieves a strange dialectic between what one might call Davidsonian passing theories and the formal Searlean-Austinian Taxonomy.  

On the issue of deriving an ‘Ought’ from an ‘Is.’ This exegesis juxtaposes David Hume’s “Essay Concerning Human Understanding” with Stanley Fish’s most subversive work: “Is There a Text in This Class.” 

First Presented at CSULA, 2018. 

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Say "Yes!" to the Demon HARDCOVER
First published in the Agonist, Spring 2018. Vol. XI. ISSUE II