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Writers are expected to follow CMS guidelines (i.e., Chicago Style) when preparing their manuscripts. MS Word is acceptable. Be sure to attach a brief bio along with your submission. However, Photographers and Artists are expected to include additional information on the theme, subject matter, and style/perspective of their prospective exhibit and/or any information pertinent to the Administrator’s evaluation.

Analog Writers (typewriter enthusiasts) attempting to submit to AH’s 4×6 Prose Guestbook should send clear–non-fully cropped–images, leaving a quarter-inch margin (i.e., natural background) exposed on all sides, absent any filters or alterations, e.g., contrast, lighting, shadow densities, black-point scales, etc. In-house editors manage all content alterations related to post-production to ensure aesthetic, and curatorial, continuity with the overall milieu of AH and its themes.

All submissions and further inquiries should be sent to: jeffreydlucas@gmail.com 

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the ‘mad-bionic-writing-machine’!  -Aesthetarchon